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A space exploration collective - An idea - Thoughts

I have this idea and it probably would never work but it's worth bringing up.

Wouldn't it be great if the countries of the world could come together form a collective with their space agencies to explore space. Right now NASA is the big dog in the space (sorry couldn't avoid that pun), but their are other space organizations both public (governmental) and private (Virgin Galactic etc.) that could help with the work load and make space travel a possibility.

Now I know that getting countries to agree on world peace is hard enough, but it's a grand idea.

After all how can we say that there isn't or is life outside our planet if we don't go out looking for it. Space is infinite. There's so many more places for us to see. So what are we waiting for?

Ideas thoughts?

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Actually, NASA had a long history of international cooperation, after all, the "I" in ISS is "International." Also, Obama has already given NASA instructions to expand it's international cooperation deals. Furthermore, when the shuttle does eventually retire, the United States will be relying on the Russians (again) to get us to and from the Space Station until our replacement is ready.

But I do concede the point, space is such a financial and labor intensive enterprise that we do need ongoing international cooperation and participation.
Very true. Kinda ironic how we are relying on the Russians. After all they were our competition for such a long time.
You have a great idea which has a number of significant supporters. Buzz Aldrin has proposed an international cooperative for returning to the moon. You find a link to his proposal--and the endorsement of the idea by the Moon Society--here:

Makes a lot of sense.

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