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Hello SaveNASA members!

It is one thing to share amongst ourselves how much we love NASA, space exploration, rocket launches, etc., and talk amongst ourselves about what's wrong with Congress, what's wrong with the President, and what's wrong with the economy...

It is something else entirely to build up a plan of action and outreach to the population, both those who work in the extended NASA family (who are getting laid off in droves) and in the people in general (who support us but are demoralized, or don't understand why NASA is needed), and turn the tide of society so that we actually change the direction of this country's attitude toward space exploration. Newspapers are already reporting that they don't think the Congress has the clout to stop Obama (which we certainly saw with this health bill!), and that if we are to save NASA, it must come in the form of a mass social movement!

In other words, talk is cheap, we need a plan of action. It's not enough to be NASA fans, or impotently express rage, we must change the direction of society to embrace space flight!

For those who live in the Houston area, I created a meetup for next Wednesday at the Fuddrucker's burger joint, right across the street from Johnson Space Center. It's in the "Events" section of this forum. Anyone who lives around here, let's do lunch, and get things moving forward.

But I notice also, that there are people here from all over the USA, and the world. Would people be interested in setting up a Skype conference? Or at least let us start talking about it on this forum.

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